World’s Longest Yard Sale Give Away

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A lifetime of garage sale-ing, thrifting, Canton and 3 years of making my pilgrimage to this most exciting sale-a-thon have resulted in a cache of vintage greatness. Some might call it junk but you know what they say about one man’s trash….

If you enjoy old things, my attic looks like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. Treasures untold, for sure. My husband, the firefighter, says that if the house catches on fire, he pities the guys who have to put it out. This has worked to my advantage with the wedding/rehearsal dinner planning. Need 9 large frames to make chalk boards? Got ’em right here. A dozen silver pieces to make table arrangements? 40 linen napkins? Enough brooches to make a bouquet? A Victorian couch? Check, check and check. But when I was posting recently and referred back to the previous trips, I noticed that some of the things I’d gotten hadn’t even made it out of the box. An embarrassment of riches.

So, following my daughter’s sage advice, I am giving a couple of things away. If this goes well, maybe I can do it often and clean out my attic. It can be like my Tom Sawyer-ish way of cleaning out my flower beds using my neighborhood forum. “Free phlox for the digging!” Folks came running, I tell you.  This might even work for all the post wedding stuff I’ll have on hand… hmmmm. I want  my things to go to a good home, though, and I figure my friends here in the internets will provide that.

This is what’s going:



Square vintage tablecloth, red and purple flowers, circa 1950? No holes, a couple of light stains that should come out (I’ll tell you how), hem is frayed in a couple of areas, typical of use. Approx. 50×50. I say approximately because all I did was hold it up to me and it didn’t come to the top of my 60 inch frame.


Item #2


5 antique bottles. I LOVE these, but I bought  boxes (yes, plural) full and don’t need dozens and dozens of bottles. I thought these were  interesting and I like the mix. Green Duraglas bottle, circa 1920. Small clear Gebhardt Eagle Chili powder bottle, also from the ’20’s. 2 clear medicine bottles, narrow throat, cork instead of screw top, no markings but with some nice iridescence going on.  Tall brown, ribbed, screw top medicine bottle with lid and what appears to be remnants of the medicine still in the bottle 🙂

You can see both of these things here when they held such promise but were quickly forgotten. I’m still looking for the crocheted grape tablecloth. I had planned on giving it away, as well as the game board, but I can’t find either. Oops.

So, here’s the deal if you want to be gifted with one of the goodies.  First, follow this blog.  Then share this post, or pin something from this or any of my other posts for extra entries. Leave a comment for EACH thing you did and I’ll enter your name for each one.  I’m headed out to get the grands today to bring them back, but let’s say I’ll pick a winner and post it Sunday night. First person gets their choice of 1 item, second person gets the other. How does that sound? Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve no experience with giveaway etiquette, but I promise there will be no shenanigans. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂



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  1. Vicki

    I LOVE this blog! My blog would be just like this if I were more talented, handy, clever and knew how to do a blog!

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