We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Post…

..for the greatest road trip ever! I leave tomorrow for the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Stretching from Gadsden, Alabama to Addison, Michigan. 690 miles of junking glory!  I’ve gone the past two years, once on the north end from Ohio to mid-Kentucky and last year from Clarkrange down to Gadsden. (Please excuse the generally stinky quality of the pics on the links. Since I’ve switched, all my old posts’s pics are grainy.)



Last year’s first buy. It’s still under my bed, but I know I’ll find a place for it some day.

Lots of you have said longingly, “Oh, I wish I could go” with a heavy sigh. Well, why don’t you go with me virtually?  🙂 I’ll keep you posted on where we are, what goodies we’ve found and what we are eating (always important).  If you are lucky, we might get to see some of Kentucky’s finest, maybe even with their pet raccoon. You never know when you will strike photographic gold. Just to forewarn those of you with higher expectations on public grooming, this will be a makeup and hair fixin’ free trip. Remember, too, that it’s the South in August. We may be glowing a bit. Good news, you won’t be able to smell us or see our feet (they will get a little dirty since a lot of these places are in fields). Maybe you’ll see a pic of something you’ve been looking for and I can pick it up for you. Don’t expect furniture, but I don’t mind hauling back a little doodad for you. I’ll be posting pics on Instagram so follow me there @arlenecloud.

I’m excited that we will have some virtual friends going with us. The best part is you won’t take up any room in the car and we won’t have to stop for you to go to the bathroom! Let’s go junking!!!!

 Some more of last year’s loot.


 Box of bottles. Still in the attic, but again, the perfect spot will make itself known.


1920’s silk wedding dress. I used part of it to make a dress up wedding gown for Helena.

9729248995_17023919dc_kLight fixture. We are putting it in the new bathroom.


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