The Finished Kitchen

Nothing to say, just lots of pics of the kitchen of my dreams. Since it’s been about 6 months since we’ve finished, I wanted to let you know how things have held up.

The countertops: Still looking great. We’ve been conscientious about keeping them wiped, but we have gotten up the next day to see some wine there from the night before. It’s cleaned right up. When I cook anything that might splash oil, I cover the countertop near the stove with a cloth, just to be on the safe side. Our kitchen gets a lot of use, and I can honestly say the concrete looks as good as it did the day we finished. I need to re-grout, though, because that’s not looking so good. The gap was pretty big between the countertops and tile, so the grout is cracking. I’m going to chip it out and just add some to the concrete that we used for the bathroom walls and then re-seal.

Butcher block: Another win. It’s probably time to re-oil them, but they still look almost pristine. It doesn’t get as much use as the concrete, but it is used. I’ve found a few wine rings on it, but they wipe off with just a whisper of a ring left. After a while, you can’t even tell.

Floors: They’ve held up about as well as I expected. I’m going to wax them again soon.

Seat cushions: I had the lowest expectations for these. Too many little bottoms and feet on and off of them, I thought. Surprisingly, they still look ok, which is a relief because the fabric was kind of expensive, especially when you add in the vinyl and batting. Hopefully they will continue to hold up.

Paint: Walls and cabinets look ok, but the screws and hinges are showing some wear.























So, what do you think? Should I move on to show the bathroom redo, or take a renovation break and show you what we did for the wedding?

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