Kitchen Impossible: The Season Finale


I can’t believe it took me as long to post about the kitchen as it did to actually do the kitchen. In my defense, I did post pictures along the way here, here and here. I’ve had a lot going on with school being out, moving the kids, vacations, workshops, school STARTING again, and on and on. Enough excuses. Here we go with the final recap of all that is kitchen renovation!

As we said in the beginning, it wasn’t a bad kitchen, just a not good one. The fridge kinda stuck out in the middle of the room. The counters were very old, as were some of the appliances (probably original to the 1960 house). The floor was vinyl and the paint on the cabinets was yucky. The tile screamed Home Depot. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We have echoes of Home Depot around our house, too. It’s just not what Meg wanted, and really, isn’t that all that matters? Especially for your firstborn and source of your grandchildren? She wanted chef grade appliances, hard wood floors and concrete countertops. On a very limited budget. Surely that’s not too much to ask from your parents.
Once we had the house, she told me what she wanted, picked out the appliances and I started planning. I came up with a plan to incorporate what she wanted using the skill sets her dad and I already possessed.
During the 3 month process, the Cloud family single handedly…
  • gutted the kitchen down to concrete floors, studs and cabinet boxes
  • added several feet of counter top space and a wall to enclose the fridge
  • added a wine fridge
  • put in a double oven
  • rerouted the water and gas
  • put in a 6 burner cooktop
  • added a large vent hood
  • put in a pot filler above the cooktop
  • put in a farm style sink and new faucets
  • added glass front cabinets
  • made and installed concrete countertops
  • put in an appliance garage (the door is still not finished)
  • added shelves for the microwave and other stuff
  • painted walls, cabinet boxes and doors
  • put in hardwood floors
  • tiled the backsplash
Here is a pic of some of the work we did.
You may be asking yourself, “Did she wear the same shirt every time or was it just an unfortunate coincidence that she had the same shirt in every picture?” Well, I’ll tell you. Not only did I wear the same shirt throughout the whole renovation, I never washed it, either. We usually worked right up until we left and I didn’t want to pack a shirt with paint/water/sweat on it, so I left it there. I also didn’t want to ruin a dozen different shirts. Too bad (or maybe not) that we don’t have smellavision. Truth be told, I didn’t think to take a pic of it before. I have 2 of the same shirt from my football interpreting days so I took a picture of a clean one once I realized I was going to be in the same shirt for the duration.
Raider Pride..before and after.
Here is the after picture of the kitchen. Honestly, it doesn’t do it justice. It’s a lot roomier than it looks. The picture also doesn’t show how much love was put into it. You can’t see the hard work, the tears, the pride. You can’t hear the laughter, the mumbled obscenities (not by ME) and the arguing that went on or smell of the countless tacos consumed during this 3 month process.
Thanks for your interest in our endeavor. The encouragement and compliments were sometimes the only thing that kept us making the 4-5 hour drive down and back every other weekend with a pregnant momma and a “helpful” 18 month old. It was truly a labor of love. My kids know that we love them, but it is so gratifying to have the opportunity to show them our love in a tangible way. For those few who would like a play by play of the kitchen’s phoenix-like rise from the dust, take a peek at this short slideshow. Please excuse the occasional tow-headed toddler, excessive diet coke cans and wine bottles.


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3 Responses to Kitchen Impossible: The Season Finale

  1. ok so. DeFINITELY liking this kitchen redo better than your last one. šŸ˜‰ SO SO SO SOOOOO amazingly beautiful. love the colors. love the backsplash. can you come over to our house now? thanks.

  2. Jessica, the next time I’m in CA, I’ll come with my working clothes! šŸ™‚ I would love to visit your church and chat it up with your little Ashlyn.

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