It Always Gets Worse Before It Gets Better



The above is how we lived for a while. We decided to take out the microwave above the stove and remove some cabinets. The stove had to be pulled out to do this. We didn’t have a sink because it had been removed to replace pipes and we couldn’t put the new (old) sink in until the cabinets were poured. You can see the obvious dilemma of paint color choices *sarcasm*.  Until I decided whether it was going to be mint shake or peridot, we couldn’t move on. Anyway, we washed dishes in the one bathroom we had (because we had already gutted the back bath and hadn’t done anything with it) and had a microwave in the family room, which was now being used as a pantry/storage room.



Photo Feb 24, 8 10 27 PM

The bathroom/kitchen. “Bitchen” perhaps could be the term? It would fit.

We finally got everything torn out that we wanted out and prepped for the work. From what I can remember, It took about a month from coming home from work and finding my kitchen missing until we were ready to paint. We built the seating for around the table, something I thought was necessary with our rapidly growing family, since it provided enough padded sitting space for several tiny bottoms.  We added bead board over the ugly paneling and also at the back of our built in buffet. We tore out cabinets above the stove and ran a new water line so I could have a pot filler, All cabinet doors were removed as well as the hinges and pulls.

Photo Feb 24, 8 32 27 PM-1 Photo Feb 24, 8 32 13 PM-1

In the process of tearing out, we found the original wallpaper of the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much that thrilled my soul. I love old wallpaper. There is some of the original still in one of closets and every time I see it, I wonder about the woman who picked it out. Was she so excited about her new house? Did she fret over the perfect pattern? I thought long and hard about wallpapering the kitchen. I had done a lot of research about period wallpaper, but could afford the real vintage stuff and couldn’t find anything new that had the same look. When Kenny yelled out that he made a find and that I would be thrilled, he was right. NOW I would know exactly what to put up in the kitchen. At first, you could only see a little of the colors. I saw something that was a lot like the green I had decided on for the cabinets. FATE! The original owner and I had like minds. My head was spinning about the possibility that we had chosen the same colors. (It really doesn’t take much to stir me up). When he got the cabinet down, this is what I saw:




*record scratch* Yep, my “like minded” circa 1927 housewife had chosen mint green poodles and ivy. Needless to say, my wallpaper fascination came to an abrupt halt.

We taped everything off and hung plastic on the doors and started by painting all the cabinets with liquid sandpaper. I had done a lot of looking about the ideal way to cover my red cabinets with the best money/effort ratio. This was a lot less messier than sanding them all down and not that expensive. It was also something I could do myself (by “I”, I mean Kenny, of course). We just brushed it on and that was it. After that was done, we sprayed the entire room with primer. The. Entire. Room. Kenny looked like a ghost when he was done.



Things still weren’t livable, but we were making progress. Then everything halted. My brother had a health scare and ended up in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks, 2 of those in ICU. I spent almost all day, every day there and then tried to work on the kitchen in the evenings.  At one point, my kids came in to see him and we had 4 adults and 3 children, ages 4 and under,  living in 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and no kitchen and with power tools everywhere, but no doors.  Then the baby got RSV and went to the hospital, too. A glorious week, I tell you. I did a lot of cabinet door painting in the garage of the empty house next door. We are not above breaking into an empty garage for extra space. It was kinda weird though when a realtor showed the house and I was in there, painting.



The sellers didn’t do a really spiffy job painting the cabinets, they pretty much just slapped red paint on everything. Since we weren’t changing out the doors or boxes, it made sense to keep all the original hardware so it would fit. Kenny soaked all the screws, about a million or so, and the hinges in stripper for a few days and then scrubbed them with a wire brush. When they were all clean, Reid and I stuck all the screws in a piece of styrofoam and spray painted them a metallic brushed nickel. They turned out surprisingly well and only cost a few bucks and several days of work :)


Photo Mar 12, 3 56 56 PM Photo Mar 11, 3 25 08 PM

 Yes, he’s drinking a Fresca…for breakfast. We were at that point.

 Photo Mar 08, 3 35 33 PM

Everybody works.

Photo Mar 06, 11 38 01 AM

Green,  I mean “peridot” going on.

God is good, though.  Health was restored *absolutely NO sarcasm here* and with, oh, about a 10 days left until the reunion at our house, we turned on the jet fuel.


Next, counter tops, the floor, and pulling it all back together.


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