Christmas Cards

 Today is a DIY, but a different kind. This is the Christmas card I did for Meg’s family. Great, huh? But obviously not a “real” shot, since Helena has not even mastered standing yet (but can now pull up. YEA!). We would also NEVER let them jump at the same time. Made that trip to the ER for an MRI before. Instead, I shot one kid about a million times, then had Papaw toss the other one up another million times (really about 60 shots) and then “Frankensteined” them together to make this beautiful false memory of Christmas fun, circa 2012.

christmas card jumping on bed
I wanted to, for full disclosure, show some of the out takes of this endeavor. All of the following are right out to the camera, no editing done.
Cute shot, but not really “jumpy”.
look at her fly!
“What’s going on here?”

Reid was even harder. He’s not too keen on having his picture made anymore. He wanted to jump, just didn’t want me to take his picture.

running out of gas

Finally getting some air
As you can see, it took a lot to get a decent shot. Papaw especially got a good workout. After shooting, it took a few hours to edit and stitch together both kids and all the body parts. It was worth it, though. I don’t know how I’ll top it next year.

Our family card was MUCH easier. I used a picture we did at Central Park last summer, used a chalkboard background and then made use of all the fonts I’ve been collecting.

christmas card family chalk board

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family. I hope that the season is filled with love and sweet memories. May God’s grace shine down on you and yours.

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