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Well, I really dropped the ball, didn’t I? Of course I thought I could blog, take a couple of trips, redo part of my house and host a rehearsal dinner, all while making whatever was needed that came up for a wedding. Of COURSE I did. You can see how successful that was. I was a little more successful on the other fronts. The house is “finished”, the quotations marks meaning as finished as it could get and not look unfinished to the casual eye. We are going to leave it like a game of I Spy and if you come over to my house and find the things we haven’t gotten to (and may not until after Christmas), then good for you. The rehearsal dinner was a success, but you’ll have to take my word for it. I have very few pictures except for the ones a sweet friend took when I shoved my camera into her hands. My goal was to be in the moment, but the photographer in me is DYING that I didn’t take more pics. Being in the moment may be a little over rated if you’re the kind of person who likes to relive the moment time after time. Lesson learned.

SO…back to the kitchen. I thought posting the progress a little at a time would keep me on track, but it hasn’t. Sorry this has taken so long, but I’m gonna finish this! After all the floor/wall/cabinet stuff was done, the stuff I had my heart set on was going up. I had 4 things that weren’t necessary and/or maybe a little overpriced, but what I wanted to make the kitchen my dream kitchen. One was a pot filler. At about $100, it wasn’t a great buy, but that price was on the low end and I really wanted one. I call it kitchen jewelry. Not necessary, but it fancied things up. Another was the chimney vent hood. The one we had worked ok, but not great, and I hated the microwave built in. Instead of going the less expensive hood route, we did the chimney. It required tearing out cabinets and adding more tile, but so worth it in looks.


The other thing I wanted that could have been accomplished with less $$ was the tile. I had my heart set on marble subway. There was other stuff that would have given me a similar look, but saving bucks on doing the work ourselves made paying the extra for the tile I wanted a little more palatable.



My hands were cramped for days.

The last thing on my list of must-haves was wallpaper.  I really wanted a vintage, period appropriate wallpaper but found it impossible to find one I liked or could afford. I had used Spoonflower to make fabric before and they make wallpaper, too, so I decided to design my own. Freeing and yet stressful.  I used a tablecloth pattern as my inspiration. I did a screenshot and opened it in Photoshop to edit. I changed the colors to match the kitchen, repeated the pattern and saved it as a jpeg. I then uploaded it to the website and order it in a wallpaper. That easy *sarcasm*. It took hours and hours and HOURS to get the color, size and pattern repeat just right. I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head.  After all that work, I decided that I should go ahead and order fabric, too, to cover the banquet seats.  I can’t tell you how happy that made me.


wallpaper on the inside of the buffet cabinets.


IMG_0032wp IMG_0065wp

After sewing the fabric end to end, matching the pattern, I ironed on a vinyl covering. I also added iron on interfacing to the inside of the fabric to give it more strength. The seat was made of plywood, I added a foam cushion, covered that with batting and the fabric and, ta-da!, covered seating.

The last 2 element of the kitchen were the lighting. There are 3 lights in the kitchen. One is an old one. Maybe original but I’m not sure. The other 2 were cheap Home Depot kits that the previous owners threw up there just to have something.  I found an old one for over the sink at Old Home Supply. I had a vintage fixture in my utility room that I loved, so I moved that one into the kitchen and painted the other old one over the table to match. Not bad if I do say so myself.


I picked this up years ago at a flea market. I had it in the utility room but moved it into the kitchen.


Original (?) fixture


painted to match the floral fixture

So, I think that’s it. Kitchen is finished. Next, the finished product!

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