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Thanks for so much interest in the Give Away! So much fun for me and, hopefully, for you. I used to pick the winners. Vicki Horton, you get first choice and Chris Liddle, you get second. Make sure I have your physical address and I’ll be shipping (or carrying) your goodie to you.  Tell me, do you think another attic clean out or maybe some of my fabric stash or wedding leftovers? What interests you????

This is the last post about the update process. Next will be the pics of the final results. I can’t wait to show you!




 After *squeal*

I posted earlier about my desire for some wallpaper. I know wallpaper itself is kinda 90’s, but I love the vintage stuff and had been looking at various sites for years. No way could I afford the real stuff, unless I found some cache in a barn somewhere and no one knew what it was worth. I looked at some reproductions, but still couldn’t find or afford what I wanted.  Then I remembered that sold wall paper and even made custom wallpaper. I had made custom fabric there before and was happy with it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Perfection would not be overstating it. I looked thru Google images until I found a vintage tablecloth pattern I liked. I took a screenshot and opened it in Photoshop. From there I cut and pasted the particular components I liked and then changed the colors to match my paint. I duplicated the grouping of patterns and repeated it a few times. I then made sure the resolution was large enough to produce a sharp enough image. I uploaded it to Spoonflower and ordered enough for the back of the buffet.  I loved my pattern so much that I tweaked it a bit, making the pattern a little bigger, and made fabric with it, too. I used the fabric to cover the banquette seats.

The reason I wanted the bench seating was to fit more baby bottoms around the table. Since my grandkids aren’t as concerned about controlling messes as I, fabric cushions weren’t the way I intended to go. After deciding on my pattern for the wallpaper, I ordered the fabric, too, and used fabric laminate to protect it. I’d used it before for another project so had some experience using it. The hardest part was matching the pattern when I pieced it together. Being able to design your own fabric is wonderful, but it’s not cheap. My tightwad-itude and poor math skills often lead to disaster. Very often. This time though, I look brilliant, or at least very lucky. I matched the pattern, sewed it together and then laminated it, having only a few inches left.

IMG_0033wp IMG_0032wp

The same luck held out hanging the wallpaper. I truly forgot about pattern matching when I ordered, but I think they factor it in when they estimate your needs. I REALLY didn’t want to order another whole roll for a few inches. There might be a place or two that have random squares of wall paper that don’t match up, but I was smart (lucky) enough to strategically place them.

Aside from the light above my sink (I got it for $20 at a home demolition place), both lights were recycled from my house. The light above the table was original to the house (I was told) and the other was something I picked up in at Warrington a few years ago and had in my utility room. Who knew it was just waiting to be promoted to the kitchen?


Before and after

IMG_0026_0027wp IMG_0154wp

Before and after

I repainted the chandelier to mimic the style of the other light. It took a pretty good soak and scrubbing in the bathtub to get rid of the decades of grime that had accumulated. Regular almond and metallic spray paint took care of the makeover.

The tile was probably the most expensive part of the renovation. Not ridiculously, but it could have cost less. I knew I wanted something light and I have always been partial to subway tile. We did a cute mini tile at Meg’s so I didn’t want to do the same. My heart longed for marble, but I had a hard time justifying the extra cost when a regular white tile could do the trick. I was finally convinced (thanks Meg and Kenny) to get what I wanted. I don’t plan on doing this again and I didn’t want to look at it for 50 more years with regret. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I love, love, love, LOVE it!



A couple of other things  were not totally necessary but we thought it might add value to the house. One was a chimney vent. It looks so great and we found one at a reasonable price on Amazon. The other was a pot filler, kitchen jewelry that says “Hey, I’m a serious cook” without a really high cost. We added a new faucet which was less fancy than the one we had, but it went better with the feel of the kitchen. I also bought a farm sink at the home demolition resale place. She’s a beauty, I tell you. The original sink was still in good shape and I was completely satisfied with it, but it couldn’t be undermounted. If you are in need of an almost 90 year old cast iron kitchen sink, I’ve got a deal for you!

So, there you have it. A complete redo, done in 2 months completely DIY on a very limited budget. Marriage intact, family still speaking and everything is functional. Let’s see if the luck holds out for the bathroom with are finishing up.


Tile all finished. This is a good look at the floor as I was staining it. I don’t know why I couldn’t find this picture for the last post.

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